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There are a few spells that are available to every leader, regardless of Class or Specialization. Most of these are must-have spells at some point in the game, like Basic Seafaring Basic Seafaring or Disjunction Disjunction.

These are the combat and global Avatar spells:


Name: Dispel Spec. (Tier) Avatar (I) Research: 60Knowledge Text
Type: Combat Spell Target: Unit Cost: 10 Casting Points Text
Attempts to dispel all enchantments affecting target unit. Has a 50% chance of failure with every unsuccessful dispel halving the chance of failure.
  • Note that effects checking against Physical Defense Text the Physical channel(Like Webbed Webbed or Bleeding Bleeding) cannot be dispelled.


Name: Terraformer Spec. (Tier) Avatar (II) Research: 140 Knowledge Text
Type: Strategic Spell Target: Owned Domain Mana Text Cost: 12 Mana Text/ Hex
Enables the terraforming of Fertile Plains, Barrens, Dense Vegetation, and Wetlands one hex at a time.
  • Does not consume Casting Points Text to use. Only Mana Text.


Name: Resurrect Hero Spec. (Tier) Avatar (IV) Research: 400 Knowledge Text
Type: Summoning Spell Casting Points Text Cost: 40 Casting Points Text
Resurrect Hero
Resurrects the owned Hero Hero that died most recently with full Health Text

Note that players who go over the hero cap set in the map parameters (via skills like charm or convert) will be unable to resurrect heroes until the total number of heroes in the empire falls below the maximum number allowed.


Name: Banish Spec. (Tier) Avatar (IV) Research: 400 Knowledge Text
Type: Combat Spell Target: Hostile Unit Cost: 20 Casting Points Text
Attempts to banish a Cast Spell Summoned unit or unit of Cast Spell Magical Origin by calling upon the powers maintaining it in this world. If it fails, the unit takes 25 Physical Text damage.

Avatar Empire UpgradesEdit

These are the Empire Upgrades available to all players:


Name: Disjunction Spec. (Tier) Avatar (I) Research: -- Knowledge Text
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Enchantment Removal
When cast, has a chance to remove a hostile Global Enchantment based on its Casting Points Text Spell Integrity
  • This is always available from the start of the game.
  • To use, select the hostile spell in the Spell Tab of the Empire overview, or in the window of the affected city.
  • Disjunction is classified as a skill rather than a spell, because it does not appear in the spellbook. It can be cast by clicking the intended target spell in the Empire Overview window, from the Active Spells pane. In the case of City Enchantments, they are also available by clicking the spell's Icon in the affected city. Also, it is shown in the Empire Upgrades section of the spell book.


Name: Basic Seafaring Spec. (Tier) Avatar (I) Research: 60 Knowledge Text
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Unit Buff
Basic Seafaring


Name: Advanced Seafaring Spec. (Tier) Avatar (III) Research: 220 Knowledge Text
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Unit Buff
Advanced Seafaring


Name: Advanced Logistics Spec. (Tier) Avatar (V) Research: 800 Knowledge Text
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Unit Buff
Advanced Logistics
Units that are Walking Walking or Floating Floating, reduced Movement Text Movement Cost of Roads to 2 Movement Text.
  • Flying Flying units get +3 Movement Text Movement.


Name: Greater Disjunction Spec. (Tier) Avatar (V) Research: 600 Knowledge Text
Type: Empire Upgrade Subtype: Enchantment Removal
Allows payment of double Mana Text when casting Disjunction Disjunction to increase success chance.
  • Does not increase Casting Points Text cost.
  • Adds 25% to success chance. So a 5% normal Disjunction chance would become 30%.

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