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When editing articles it is convenient to use different images to convey certain types of damages, resistances, and resources. Since the images are used frequently in-game, it also makes sense to use them here as well. This page gives an example of how to insert the images into articles using templates. The templates ensure a uniform size of the image across all pages.

Linkable IconsEdit

Just add a template link to your code like so:


For example:

Fire Bomb (5 {{Physical}}, 4 {{Fire}})


Fire Bomb (5 Physical Text, 4 Fire Text)


  • Health Text Health
  • Movement Text Movement
  • Defense Text Defense
  • Resistance Text Resistance
  • XP Text Experience (Points)

Damage Types:

  • Physical Text Physical
  • Spirit Text Spirit
  • Frost Text Frost
  • Fire Text Fire
  • Blight Text Blight
  • Shock Text Shock

Defense/Resistance Types:

  • Physical Defense Text PhysicalDefense
  • Spirit Resistance Text SpiritResistance
  • Frost Resistance Text FrostResistance
  • Fire Resistance Text FireResistance
  • Blight Resistance Text BlightResistance
  • Shock Resistance Text ShockResistance

Movement Types

  • Flying Text FlyingMovement
  • Floating Text FloatingMovement


  • Gold Text Gold
  • Mana Text Mana
  • ManaCap Text ManaCap
  • Knowledge Text Knowledge
  • Casting Points Text CastingPoints (Casting Points)
  • Production Text Production
  • Population Text Population
  • Happiness Text Happiness


  • Good Text Good
  • Evil Text Evil


  • No Medal Text RankRecruit
  • Iron Medal Text RankTrooper
  • Bronze Medal Text RankVeteran
  • Silver Medal Text RankExpert
  • Gold Medal Text RankElite


  • Golden realms2 GR (Golden Realms expansion indicator)
  • Eternal Lords EL (Eternal Lords expansion indicator)
  • Turns Text Turn
  • Disjunction Disjunct ("Disjunction" gives the spell template)

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