This Content requires either the Golden realms2 Golden Realms or
Eternal Lords Eternal Lords expansion.

Mystical City Upgrades are a new feature of Golden Realms. Treasure sites inside your domain will enable a specific building to be build in the city, which will enable unique upgrades for your city or boosts for the produced units.

Altar of Bound Souls

Arcane Catalyst
  • Requires Wizard's Tower Ruins
  • 50 Gold Text, 150 Mana Text
  • Units summoned in this city's domain gain +1 Iron Medal Text Rank and gain Arcane Catalyst Supercharged
    • Whenever a Arcane Catalyst Supercharged units dies, it will spawn a Lesser Elemental until end of combat

Blood Altar
  • Requires Ziggurat
  • 100 Gold Text, 100 Mana Text
  • Produced Support Support units receive Mark Blood Sacrifice Mark Blood Sacrifice ability
    • This is a touch ability used on a enemy unit that will apply a marker. When a Blood Sacrifice Marked unit dies, all friendly units are healed for 10 Health Text and will deal +2 Physical Text melee damage. This ability can be used only once per combat.
    • If used multiple times in one battle, the heal works every time, but the damage boost will not stack.
  • City has -100 Population Text growth
  • City will not receive happiness penalties for hurry production

Shrine of Animation

Library of the Dark Arts

Enchanted Armory

Flowrock Citadel

Focus Chamber
  • Requires Vault of Knowledge
  • 50 Gold Text, 125 Mana Text
  • Produced Archer Archer units in this city receive Focus Chamber Focused
  • HighElfIcon High Elf Archer Archers will get the racial +1 Shock Text Ranged Strength applied on top of this.

Magic Academy
  • Requires Lost Library
  • 100 Gold Text, 25 Mana Text
  • Produced Support Support units in this city receive +1 Melee and Ranged damage and +1 Resistance Text Resistance
  • This only applies to the primary damage channels.

Mariner's Guild

Mercenary Camp
  • Requires Trading Post
  • 100 Gold Text, 25 Mana Text
  • Produce Irregular Irregular units in this city receive Mercenary Camp Mercenary
    • This provides +1 melee damage, +1 ranged damage, and +1 Defense Text
    • This applies to all the damage channels

Pillar of the Stylites

Sanctuary of the Deep
  • Requires Sunken City
  • 75 Gold Text, 50 Mana Text
  • Unlocks the production of Mermaids and Sirens for this city

Slaughter Pits

Solar Spire

Mount of Unlife

Stables of Vigor

Temple of the Eternal Serpent

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