Independent Cities and Dwellings that are not at war with you (i.e. that are Neutral or Friendly) can give you Quest proposals from time to time. The frequency of Quest proposals is determined by a global Quest counter and a specific city/Dwelling Quest counter. 10 Turns Text are usually available to complete Quests (though custom Quests can have different duration). Completing Quests improve your relationship Happiness Text with the Quest provider and award unit or item rewards. Conversely, failing a Quest will negatively impact the relationship with the Quest provider. Refusing a Quest has no consequence.

Frequency Edit

Type of cooldown Minimum Turns Text Maximum Turns Text
Global (player) 3 5
Quest giver 8 12

After a Quest proposal, a number of Turns Text between 3 and 5 is randomly picked and after that delay, the game will try to give a new Quest proposal to the player. To be able to give a Quest proposal, a city or Dwelling needs to meet the following conditions:

  • Be independent
  • Not be at war with the player (so Neutral, in Peace or Vassal)
  • Have no ongoing Quest with the player
  • Not have given a Quest in the last 8 to 12 Turns Text (actual number randomly picked)

Independent cities offer Quests 0 to 3 Turns Text after you meet them.

Difficulty Edit

The difficulty of the Quest proposal follows some rules:

  • To get a Very Hard Quest, you usually need to have completed the previous levels in order (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • Your total army score (sum of the prices of your units converted in gold) is compared to the following values:
Quest difficulty Absorb/Reward factor Military level (score) required
Very Easy 100 0
Easy 150 400
Medium 300 600
Hard 600 800
Very Hard 40000 1000

If a Quest can be assigned by a city or Dwelling (see cooldowns above), the game first checks the military value (score) of the players, which is approximately of the sum of the values of his units (approximately 90% x (Gold Text + 2 x Mana Text)). The military score must be higher than the values in the table above to qualify the player for a given Quest difficulty (e.g. higher than 600 to get Medium difficulty Quests).

The game then calculates the total Absorption cost (sum of the Peace + Vassal + Absorb costs), i.e. the gold value the player would have to pay in order to absorb the city (which is only the Absorption cost for a Vassal for instance) and compares it to the Absorb/Reward factor indicated in the table above. There are two possible situations:

  • The Absorb cost is lower than the Absorb/Reward factor: it will try to spawn a quest from the Absorb Quest Set
  • The Absorb cost is higher than the Absorb/Reward factor: it will try to spawn a quest from the Reward Quest Set

A final case may occur if the Absorb cost of the city or Dwelling would point to a Quest difficulty level higher than the current military score of the player allows (e.g. an Absorb cost of 400 which points to a Medium difficulty Quest but a Military level of only 200 which allows only Very Easy Quests). In such a case, the player might get no Quest.

Rewards Edit

After doing a quest for a Neutral city, it will become Friendly.
Completing a Quest yields a +200 Happiness Text relationship modifier. Quests yield units that the city or Dwelling could produce. Dwelling can also give items in addition to the units. The items or units can also be forfeited for gold.

Penalty for failing a Quest Edit

Sets Edit

Modding Edit

Quests for cities are defined in CityLogic.rpk and are linked in AoW_structure.rpk / Settings (e.g. ‘City Settings – Human’ -> ‘City – Human – Size Outpost’ -> ‘Quest Category Link’ for Humans).
Quests for Dwellings are directly defined in Dwellings.rpk / Settings / Dwelling [xx] Quests.
The cooldown settings can be found in Title.rpk -> ‘AoW Global Settings’ -> ‘Quest Global Settings’ and the difficulty levels at the same location but in ‘Quest Difficulty Settings’.